Nicolas Andre

Metronomics Reloaded

Krzysztof Bartoszek

Tree free phylogenetic comparative methods: macroevolutionary dynamics on a branching process

Sebastian Benzekry

A dynamical study of concomitant tumor resistance

Adam Bobrowski

Convergence of operator semigroups in models of mathematical biology

Marek Bodnar

Global stability of the steady state of a cascade of biochemical reactions with time delay

Magdalena Bogdańska

Mathematical model suggests a way to assess LGG malignancy

 Svetlana Bunimovich 

Mathematical model of BCG treatment personalization for urinary bladder carcinoma

Helen Byrne

Seeing the Wood for the Trees with Mathematical Modelling

Cécile Carrère

Control of a heterogenous population of cancerous cells

Mark Chaplain

Hopf Bifurcation in a Gene Regulatory Network Model: Molecular Movement Causes Oscillations

Jean Clairambault

Drug resistance in cancer cell populations: Genetic or epigenetic phenomenon? Mathematical and biological assessment

Elena De Angelis

A Kinetic approach to Darwinian Dynamics

Marcello Delitala

Competition between cancer cells and T-cells under immunotherapy: Evolutionary Biology and Mathematical Modelling

Grzegorz Dudziuk

On optimal location of thermostats in a model of feedback control

Dominique Duncan

Identifying Changes in Brain MRI in Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Aleksandra Falkiewicz

Asymptotic state lumping in network problems

Dmitri Finkelshtein

Nonlocal Kinetic Equations DERIVED from Stochastic Dynamics of Complex Systems

Avner Friedman

A free boundary problem associated with the risk of high cholesterol

Urszula Foryś

Prostate cancer immunotherapy model

Krzysztof Fujarewicz

Optimization of spatiotemporal control for systems described by cellular automata

Haralambos Hatzikirou

Impact of migration/proliferation plasticity on tumor development

Harsh Jain

Identifiability in ODE Models of Solid Tumor Chemotherapy

Winfried Just

Transmission of Infectious Diseases and of Catchy Ideas

Eugene Kashdan

Light as a biomarker: Computer-assisted reconstruction and analysis of genetic properties of cells from their microscopic images

Bogdan Kazimierczak

Stationary wave on the sphere

James Keener

Flexing Protein muscles: How to Pull with a "Burning Rope"

Peter Kim

Modelling dynamics of anticancer virotherapy and immunotherapy

Jerzy Kozicki

Evolution of states of a spatial ecological model: Micro- and mesoscopic descriptions

Yang Kuang

Models of Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Can Mathematical Models Predict the outcomes?

Mirosław Lachowicz

Self - organization: From microscopic to macroscopic

Urszula Ledzewicz

Modeling and Optimization of Metronomic Chemotherapy: More Questions than Answers

Henryk Leszczyński

Newton's method for nonlinear stochastic wave equations

Doron Levy

The Role of the Immune Response in CML

Yoram Louzon

Fluctuation induced coexistence

Anna Marciniak- Czochra

Pattern formation in reaction-diffusion-ode models

Jacek Miękisz

Mean-field approximation in gene regulation and evolutionary games

Matthew Mizuhara

Motility of keratocyte cells: asymptotic and numerical analysis via a phase field model

Cristian Morales-Rodrigo

On some PDE models related to tumor angiogenesis

Anna Ochab-Marcinek

Binary to graded response conversion in autoregulated genes: transcriptional leakage vs. noise

Alberto d’Onofrio

Mathematical Epidemiology: Going beyond Statistical Mechanics (apparently…)

Rachid Ouifki

Modeling the control of trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense through mass chemoprophylaxis and insecticide−treated cattle

Przemyslaw Pazdziorek

Long-time behaviour of the stochastic models of stem cells differentiation

Angela Peace

Somatic growth dilution: Toxin predator-prey model under stoichiometric constraints

Monika Piotrowska

The immune system-tumour interactions model with discrete time delay: model analysis and validation

Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz

A hybrid model of tumour induced angiogenesis in 3D

Maria do Rosário de Pinho

Optimal Control for Infectious Diseases (L1 case)

Katarzyna Rejniak

Understanding the dynamics and complexity of the interstitial drug transport: integration of in silico and in vivo experiments

Grzegorz A. Rempala

Stochastic Ebola Model

Vered Rom-Kedar

Chaotic mixing

Massimiliano D. Rosini

Rigorous derivation of nonlinear scalar conservation laws from follow-the-leader type models via many particle limit

Ryszard Rudnicki

Piecewise deterministic Markov processes in biological models

Sebastian Sager

Mathematical Optimization for Clinical Decision Support and Training

Adélia Sequeira

Mathematical modeling of the early stages of atherosclerosis

Heinz Schättler

Towards an Epidemiological Model for the Spread of an Infectious Disease with Quarantine

Cristiana Silva

Optimal control and cost-effectiveness analysis for a tuberculosis model

Stephanie Sonner

A Stochastic Micro-Macro Model for Cancer Cell Proton Dynamics

Ilyssa Summer

Mathematical Assessment of Oncolytic Virotherapy

Cristina Surulescu

Multiscale models for glioma invasion: proliferation and therapy aspects

Zuzanna Szymańska

Mathematical modeling of the intracellular protein dynamics: the importance of active transport along microtubules

Jarosław Śmieja

On differences between experimental and real-life models

Andrzej Świerniak

Controllability and Sensitivity of Models of Combined Anticancer Therapy

Jose Ignacio Tello

On a two species chemotaxis system

Radosław Wieczorek

A nonlinear age-structured model of semelparous species

Diana White

Microtubule patterning in the presence of motor proteins

Shelby Wilson

Modeling Tumor Growth and Antiangiogenic Drugs Efficacy: From Multiscale to Mixed-Effect Models

Dominik Wodarz

Mathematical models of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Dariusz Wrzosek

Predator-prey model with diffusion and indirect prey-taxis

Abdul-Aziz Yakubu

A Bovine Babesiosis Mathematical Model With Dispersion